3 Considerations to Increase the Effectiveness of your Internal Audits

I have been coaching a number of clients as part of my ‘Quality Manager Coaching’ service (info here), and noticed how they could all improve the outputs of their internal audit programmes by simplify defining these 3 things for every audit performed:

  1. Objective – the reason for doing the audit. What is the purpose of it? for example: a review of our new procurement procedures, or, planned checks on the HR process to determine effectiveness.
  2. Scope – what is included in your audit? By definition, what isn’t included? Consider departments, functions and sites/physical locations. This sets the boundaries of your audit.
  3. Criteria – what are your auditing against? What is your reference? For example, your own manuals, processes, procedures, but also consider customer agreements, product specifications, legislation requirements, permits, etc…etc

By doing this for every internal audit, it helps you to focus on what the audit is about – what it should cover, where it should be done and what your are auditing against. Try it, and let me know how you get on.

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