14 years in Business Today!

Today is a special day for me – ADM Solutions is now 14 years old!

When I started ADM Solutions way back in 2003 my objective was to offer support to manufacturing organisations across the region. I became an approved supplier to the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), and delivered small improvement projects to manufacturing companies across Yorkshire.

How things change!

Now, I am a recognised specialist in modern quality management. I work with fantastic clients in all kinds of industries ranging from healthcare to chemical processing! I have achieved Chartered status in my professional institute, the Chartered Quality Institute, become a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Plus I have an MBA from the University of Huddersfield. This was the stuff of dreams back in 2013 and it makes me very proud to think of the journey I have been on (and continue to be on).

This year, I have already introduced my new website (take a look here), and have set up a new Q & A page where I answer questions posted by readers, contacts and clients. You can ask a question here!

I am working with a very special client during 2017 with whom I have a close business relationship with. This is a large project involving various aspects of business quality (processes, people, standards and multiple certifications).

So far in 2017 I am very fortunate to be working in a fantastic variety of industries – chemicals, web design, food & drink, and vehicle manufacture. This is what I love about ADM Solutions – such a wide range of industries, clients and all the amazing people I get to meet. Every day is different.

Quality is all about making things better. That might be the way we do things (process), the outputs of our business (products and services) or achieving recognition and pushing the boundaries (ISO certifications). None of this happens without people. And the biggest reward for me is seeing how quality affects people for the better – less stress, less frustration, better work environment, better performance, etc.

Roll on the next 12 months and the next milestone for ADM Solutions – 15 years!


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