10 Aspects of a Modern Quality Manager

In a competitive environment, the ability to deliver high-quality outputs in both products and service is integral to business success. The Quality Manager will have a vital role in ensuring that performance quality and delivery of the product remains high and is continuously improving to provide goods and services that are market leading.

The Quality Manager will need to have an understanding of the marketplace, aspects of the product and service that are relevant to the customer and how this impacts on the supply chain. All this comes while ensuring costs are managed within the budget of the business.

Here is my list of 10 disciplines that I feel the modern quality manager needs to be excellent at:

  1. Defining, documenting and implementing relevant company policies across the organisation
  2. Ensuring legal and statutory compliance for products, services and business
  3. Clearly defining customer and other stakeholder requirements and ensuring they are all met consistently
  4. Defining, documenting and improving business processes
  5. Identifying and implementing relevant business standards
  6. Creating and improving management systems and achieving relevant certifications
  7. Reviewing performance data and using it to make decisions and drive improvement
  8. Implementing relevant controls across the supply chain
  9. Conducting value-adding internal audits that drive business improvement initiatives
  10. Obtaining customer feedback and using it to drive business improvement

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but this is what I would expect from a Quality Manager in any industry.

Do you agree? What would the next 10 be?

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